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Tips and tricks

Creating a PDF document:
Currently blop has only one terminal, blopeps, which is a PostScript-like file, and can be included in a LaTeX document only if it is processed by latex, but not with pdflatex. This is usually no problem, produce your final PDF document (if this is your desire) with the following steps: Here the -z option of dvips causes hyperlinks to be put into the PostScript file in the form of comments, which are then correctly understood by ps2pdf. The -Ppdf option forces dvips to put scalable fonts into the PostScript file (otherwise the final PDF document will have awful fonts).
Drawing a multiline text:
If you want to place a multiline text somewhere, where a simple text is expected (for example setting a frame's title). Since every text is typeset by LaTeX, you can use LaTeX's features to typeset a multiline text. For this you should be familiar with TeX/LaTeX, but we assume you are; this is why you are using blop. In the example below, replace 0.75 according to your needs (and weather you set the title of a frame which fills your whole figure, or a smaller one).
set::title("\\begin{minipage}{0.75\\blopPW}\\begin{center}First line\\\\Second line\\end{center}\\end{minipage}");

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