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Known problems

This section lists the known problems with blop. The first part lists those ones, which are still unsolved. After finding a solution to a problem, two things can happen:

Known, unsolved problems

Rotated pages: When using the foils documentclass with landscape option, or the prosper documentclass, and converting the final PostScript file to PDF using ps2pdf, the pages containing a figure produced by blop will appear rotated by 90 degrees (in acroread at least). That is, the text and everything is set up correctly within the page, but the page itself is rotated to portrait orientation. Example:

This page is correct
This page appeares rotated
When this source (test.tex) is compiled with the following sequence of commands:
latex test.tex
dvips -Ppdf -t a4 -t landscape test.dvi
then the intermediate PostScript file is OK, but the second page will be rotated in the final test.pdf, when viewing with acroread or xpdf.

Teporary solution: use the -dPDFSETTINGS=/printer option for ps2pdf. This will cause that all pages will be rotated to portrait orientation. But in this case (if you don't use a too old version of acroread) you can rotate the whole document to landscape orientation.

Suggestion by András László: try experimenting with the -dAutoRotatePages=/All option of ps2pdf. He is referring to this page.

Accented characters: Accented characters do not seem to work, when using the \usepackage[latin2]{inputenc} macro in the preamble of your document. The following two files ...

// test.C
% test.tex
produce the following error:
! Missing \endcsname inserted.
l.5 \blopeps{proba.beps}

Solved problems

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