How to download and compile BLOP

I am using this software for my daily work, and whenever I need some new feature, or discover a bug, I develop the code, and then commit it to CVS (usually every 1-2 days, sometimes with a few months pause).

The most recent version is always available from CVS, or from the download/ directory (here the .tgz file is automatically created from the current CVS version)

From time to time I also create .deb and .rpm files, which are also uploaded into the same download/ directory. This is not as frequent as the CVS commits

Even less frequently I make a release (containing the source.tgz and .deb .rpm files), which are available from the main project page. However, there is no advantage in choosing these 'official' releases, because they are less frequent, and they provide nothing extra over the previously mentioned packages or sources.

And last, but not least: there is an package developed by András László to interface between ROOT and blop, i.e. plot ROOT histograms, etc using blop's plotting mechanism. Download

Step-by-step instructions

Install from debian packages
You can download .deb packages (for CINT and BLOP) (for Ubuntu) from here: download/PACKAGES, and install them using:
sudo dpkg -i filename.deb
Other debian-based systems may also try to use these packages. These package files are updated less frequently than the source code in the CVS repository. I believe that the source code compiles without problems, so compiling from source is the preferred choice.

To create .rpm packages, you can use alien to convert the .deb package:

fakeroot alien --to-rpm whatever.deb
Compile from source
  1. Download and compile CINT:

    You will need to download and compile CINT first (which is a C/C++ interpreter). Blop uses this software for its user interface. However, since this software is out of my scope, I can not guarantee that blop compiles and works with all versions of it. I recommend you to download this version (this did work) 5.18.00

    If you download this file

    • Extract it first
      tar xvzf cint_5.18.00.orig.tar.gz
      cd cint-5.18.00
    • Compile it
      ./configure --with-prefix --prefix=/usr
      sudo make install
    • or, alternatively, you can build a debian package like this (it will be created under debian/package-files), and install it
      ./configure --with-prefix --prefix=/usr
      make deb
      sudo make debinstall
  2. Download and compile blop:
    • You can download the tarball (save it to disk), then extract it using the command
         tar xvzf blop-[version].tgz
    • Or you can download it from the CVS repository: (hit Enter when asked for a password)
         cvs login
         cvs -z3 co blop
    Change to the newly created/checked-out directory (cd blop), and follow these steps:
    make doc
    sudo make install
    or, for more details (.rpm or .deb package creation, etc) see the README file!

The development platform is Ubuntu (usually the most recent version)