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Video terminal

Practical Guide:
video out("video.avi","-w 12cm -h 8cm");
for(double a=0; a<1; a += 0.01)
This script would produce a video with an increasing parabola. It is adviced to fix the x/y-ranges, otherwise they are automatically adjusted, and will jump from frame to frame in the video.

The video terminal produces a video output, assembled from separate video frames. Use whatever plotting commands you need to create a frame, then use the print() member function of this terminal to print out the current canvas into one video frame.

It uses ffmpeg to assemble the individual frames into a movie.

Generating a movie might take long, one needs to create several hundred or thousand frames. You may want to have a look at the result before the whole process ends. By default, the movie is (re-)generated after each 100 frames. To change this value, use the .autorefresh(int) member function.

Framerate: use the .fps(int) member function to set the frames-per-second.

Souce files:

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